It was a conversation in the pit garage that finally started the ball rolling


Over the past decade public interest in motoring and motorsport has increased dramatically with people gaining a much broader appreciation for the different elements of the scene. But while each scene continues to expand, it becomes more difficult to explore the huge range of events occurring simultaneously across the country. Event info is scattered between social media or different websites, and promoted using different advertising methods with mixed results.


Why can’t we list every type of event in one place?

That’s what the motoring and motorsport community needs!


MotorCal was started by an Australian pit crew mechanic, frustrated by the lack of easy access to this incredible range of events. The team at MotorCal have created a simple Calendar App to list events, and developed a custom data management system to maintain communication with thousands of event organisers around the country. We’ve done our homework by reaching out to every organiser, venue, club and business we could find. Now the public can enjoy the convenience of a comprehensive calendar of events in the palm of their hand with our simple Mobile App. Welcome to MotorCal.


Organisers can list events for free so it’s a win-win concept


While the users enjoy the content, the motoring and motorsport community benefits because all of the event organisers can be represented free of charge and regardless of their budget. MotorCal means advertisers can promote their products and services directly to the end user in a cost effective way, and it’s a great opportunity for the corporate world to show they’re committed to supporting the Australian Motoring and Motorsport Community, from the smallest club to the country’s biggest events.


If it’s on – It’s on MotorCal